•  November 2013
    Brand Story Telling – How Social Content Marketing Can Improve Your Brand
       Michael Kogon – Founder and CEO, Definition 6

    October 2013
    Sales and Marketing Analytics – You can only improve what you can measure
       Lisa Cramer, President, LeadLife
      Shannon Rentner
  • September 2013
    Networking – Not Just For Job Hunters
    –  Mike Allred
       Kim Wallace, EVP Hire Dynamics
       Leo Cooper
       Gas South
  • August 2013
    Do You Really Know Your Customer?
       David Schweidel – Associate Professor of Marketing and Co-Director of Emory Marketing Analytics Center
       Justin Reilly – Director of Digital Strategy, Production and Innovation
  • May 2013
    Social Media – Problem Solving Is The Problem
       Kathy Cabrera, Director of New Media – Carabiner Communications
       Marva Bailer, IBM, Business Unit Executive
       Judy Mod, President Social Executive Council and Principal, Social Gastronomy, LLC
  •  April 2013
    Customers Today – How To Market And Sell To Them
       William Wallace – VP Marketing Alignment, Revenue Steam
       Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe – Strategic Marketing Executive
       Doug Benson – Director of Marketing, OpenSource
  • February 2013
    Marketing Automation – Not Just Another SaaS Solution To Show Sales How Cool Marketing Can Be
       Todd McCormick – Senior VP Sales, SilverPop
       Heather Pritchett – Director Of Marketing, North America, OutSystems
       Gary Lee – CEO, Ananias Group
       Micky Long – Vice President, Arketi Group
  • January 2013
    Resilience – Important To Both Companies And Sales & Marketing
    –    Dr. Peter C. Evans – Director of Global Strategy and Analytics, General Electric
  • November  2012
    Success: How To Measure It and What Are The Best Measures
  • October 2012
    Channels: Additional Avenues for Revenue Growth
  • September 2012
    People Follow You: The Real Secret To What Matters Most In Leadership
       Jeb Blount, Founder and President, SalesGravy.com
  • June 2012
    Pipeline Generation: Keeping Your Sales Engine Humming
       Mel Treco, IBM Software Group, Channels Financial Executive
       Dan McDade, Pointclear , Founder and President
  • May 2012
    Crossing the Chasm – Sales and Marketing Working Together
       Mark Vigoroso, SVP Global Marketing and Alliances, Servigistics
       Yves Archambault, Client Partner, SAP
  • March 2012
    Pipeline Acceleration – How To Drive Leads to Orders
       Michael Chrissie – Senior Account Executive, Dell
      Scott Staunton, CSO, Pipeline Manager
  • February 2012
    Decision Makers – How To Reach and Sell To Those That Actually Buy
       Richard Banks, Vice President of Sales Digital Security Solutions, Master Lock Company
       Steve Bachman, CEO Partner, HiTech Partners
       John Dunbar, CIO, Aquilex Corporation
  • January 2012
    The Buying Cycle – We Must Sell How Buyers Buy
       Robert Minnaugh, Director Product Marketing, Bomgar Corporation
       Mathew Sweeney, Manager, Pardot
       Kyle Porter, President and Founder, SalesLoft
May 4, 2010:  Coaching for Improved Revenue Performance
These two hours of learning, interaction and action plan buildingis aimed for sales, marketing and service leaders.
At the end of the workshop, you will:
Be able to:
  • Effect individual team member improvement
  • Plan for coaching
  • Identify those best to coach


  • Coaching dramatically improves results
  • Best coaching techniques
  • Get the rep to all the work
  • Coaching works for marketing and service team members too.
May 18:  Selling With and Through Partners and Channels
Let’s partner!   How many times have your heard this in your career?  Over the past two decades the PR newswire has been littered with tens, possibly even hundreds-of-thousands of press releases announcing partnerships that never delivered a dollar of revenue, which is the primary goal for any channel partnership.  Why does this happen?  Because partnering is similar to dating and it’s difficult to ask tough qualification questions on the first few dates.  As a result, time and resources are often wasted on relationships that will ultimately fail.
Selling with and through partners is very different from selling directly and involves risks and challenges that should be thoroughly understood before a company decides to engage a channel partner.
Join our expert panel as they share the good, bad and ugly of partnering. Key points include:
  • Asking the tough questions early in the partnership process
  • Understanding your channel partners’ specific goals related to your partnership
  • Determining if your company is ready for alliances
  • Defining joint success criteria and measurement
  • Determining sales process compatibility, roles and resource requirements
  • Defining the joint value proposition and competitive advantage
  • Developing the quick win plan
  • Knowing when to terminate

June 22:  Lead Nurturing for Revenue Acceleration

Decreased budgets, longer sales cycles and increased deal risk are challenges every sales and marketing executive are struggling with. But, your boss doesn’t want to hear about these excuses. They want to hear about revenue. So, how does marketing support sales to overcome theses challenges and find new sources of revenues?

Marketing and sales professionals across diverse industries have shifted their focus and investment from building sales pipeline to building lead pipelines to accelerate the identification of future opportunities.  Lead nurturing involves the development and execution of highly customized, adaptable and integrated programs.

Come hear our panel of experts show you how to enhance your top line through marketing automation’s capabilities including:

•         Lead nurturing
•         Lead scoring
•         Website monitoring
•         Social media marketing
•          Marketing to sales integration
 July 20: Deep Dive Brainstorming: We Can Really Help Each Other
 What can we do to take advantage of the uptick in the economy?
With the tremendous, collective experience and expertise of our ESMA membership the answer is: learn from each other.  So, our July meeting will be a Workshop.  We’ll break into 6 tables with the following topics:
  • Lead Generation
  • Accelerating your Pipeline for Revenue Sooner
  • Justifying an Investment Decision
  • How to Use Channels to Drive Revenues
  • Social Media to Drive Buying Decision
  • How Sales and Marketing can Get to the Decision Maker
Each table will discuss their topic for 45 minutes with a facilitator keeping the dialog flowing and taking notes.  These notes will be compiled afte the meeting to be sent to all attendees.
Each table will present their top idea to the entire room.  The top 3 ideas will be awarded a prize.
This workshop format will allow for networking in more depth with those with similar interests, plus bring a lot of great ideas to the complete audience.
September 21: How To Get To The Decision Maker?  Its Critical To Your Success. 
Although many of us are seeing an uptick in activity, dollars are still in short supply.  Many companies are still not looking to open their pocketbooks until next year. So…what do we do?  We must get to the decision maker!
Top performing companies know how to use their sale sand marketing teams to identify and get to the decision maker.  How do they do it?  How can I do it?
Join our panel of industry experts as they share their knowledge and experience related to:
•  Identifying the decision maker.
•  Developing a message to get his/her attention.
•  What to say and do during the initial meeting to get mind-share.
•  What the decision maker wants to hear.